Environmental Concerns

DERBY OVERSEAS PVT. LTD., in the trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to international standards for the world-wide market, will ensure that all activities are consistently monitored, managed and controlled to minimize our impact on the environment. Nature offers to man crowd of natural resources to be used and processed in materials, products or advanced technologies at the service of society, thus ensuring the development of our social system resulted in an improvement in quality of life Derby strives for a safe work environment, the prevention of pollution, superior quality, and responsible corporate stewardship. We accomplish this through continuous improvement, effective supplier management program, engaging our employees and partners with consistency to our core values of Integrity, Quality and Reliability. Achieving and maintaining compliance with relevant legal requirements and industry codes of conduct, with a continued commitment to being a responsible corporate business.

Setting key environmental objectives and targets driven by the review, identification and control of significant environmental aspects.

Commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution, through the evaluation of environmental performance and the implementation of innovative solutions where applicable.

Continuous improvement of our documented environmental management system that will be maintained and reviewed for suitability by trained, committed management throughout the organization.

Training and developing our workforce to meet the future needs of the business and our environmental obligations.

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